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numberplate with 7 related footer required


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I'm trying to get a replacement set of plates. I want some with some 7 related reference on lthough. Anyone know how you can order them say from Caterham? Am I correct in thinking that you have to physically present the V5 to obtain therefore you have to atttend the seller's location? I don't really want to travel far enough South to do this (even Caterham midlands is some way off) unless there's no other option.
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i can't get their site to display a centred footer. other thana that it's so nearly there. I'll email them. What I'm after is a dealer related line of text where the dealer in questrion has some relevance to sevening. My car was originally bought from SGT (which is good enough) for example. Thing is i thought you had to turn up with V5 in hand tot get new plates these days, this is what I had to do recently on our ford.
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I believe the reason Fancyplates can operate mail order without needing to see the V5 is because they are based in Northern Ireland, where this particular piece of Government red tape (er regulation) doesnt apply.



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We have a guy in Belfast Mike Wylie [The Autonumelogist he trades as] make our plates he can incorporate anything you want My plate has two 7s in the number he made them the same as the 7 on the rear panel and incorporated my strap line on the bottom

"Se7en Services N.I." www.onthelimiter.com If you want anything let me know I can post the plate/plates out quite cheaply.



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