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R300 upgrades for general use?


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Hi all, just looking for some advice on potential upgrades. My car is a standard R300 with RBTB's. I'd like to make it a bit quieter and smoother for general road use if possible.


Possible options I'm considering:

- Repack existing exhaust

- Quiet exhaust (is there one that fits the existing Cat for MoTs?)

- Engine re-map to improve timing, etc

- Airbox to reduce induction noise


=> Any recommendations?


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fair point about the standard ecu being programable but come mot time its far easier to flick a switch with an mot friendly mode than down load another from your laptop, my r300 was a pig to get through an mot in standard form untill i got the emerald, know click and here is the ticket sir! *smokin*
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If you just want it to be quieter and smoother than I would recommend one of the large Rxxx exhaust (one was for sale on here a while ago) along with verniers and a re-map. The big exhaust makes a massive difference to the noise, proper timing and mapping unique to your engine will make things much smoother, etc. My R300 has was DVA'd last year (a full on upgrade to 244bhp / 167lb/ft) but as well as being miles faster it is much, much nicer to pootle around in. Fundamentally it depends on how much you want to spend and what you want to achieve - why not ask Dave Andrews and see what he suggests?



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thread detour for a wee mo *rolleyes* solo it would seem that the same or similar works were undertaken on my R300 judgging by your BHP and tourque figures, have you gone dry sumped or apollo. if not dry sump any problems with oil surge on the track.sorry again folks *redface*
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