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Starcom 1


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Bought it last year and just about to fit.


All advice appreciated!


Going to fit units (Starcom and Bluetooth) against rear bulkhead panel behind seats in boot. Wire through to two waterproof sockets on rear panel above tunnel. Pick up 12v feed from fuel pump.


I want to be able to receive route instructions from my TomTom, talk and hear my mobile phone and plug in a CD player / radio / MP3


I would like the in-ear headsets with mic. Suggestions please. I know there was a thread a while ago but I would like to hear from any users.


What would be a good radio source?


Has anyone connected their Tom Tom?


All comments and 'dont's' gratefully received!


CoSwoRth it!

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Don't take a chassis earth feed - DO take a direct feed. I get a load of interference from my mobile. they don't get it when they test it on the bench. The thinking is that the chassis/wiring is acting like a big aerial. We're trying to iron it out.


In ear headsets aren't great - I'm using one at the moment.... It's "ok".


I'm using the starcom digital with the hsex extensions to a panel behind my elbow. Loads of inputs - all works great... I'd prefer better headset than I've got though. Noise cancelling is great on it too.

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