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What is a petty strut?

Anthony A

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It's a bar that starts near the passengers left knee and bolts to the roll over bar rear support. It was first used by Richard Petty in stateside racing, hence the name. It adds more strength to the roll over protection


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"Twenty dollars; same as downtown!" 😳


Sorry, that's a punch line to an old joke - I simply couldn't resist.


It is a bolt-on steel strut that attaches to the top of the roll bar and extends to down inside the passenger footwell, triangulating the roll bar load path.


*smile* Sean

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It is either:


a large piece of metal that comes with a range of bolts that don't fit and that sits in the garage and never gets used.




A removable metal brace that bolts to an FIA rollbar above/through your passenger's head and to the chassis near the front of the passenger doorway. Can be a requirement for sprinting?



-----And all I ask is a fast car and a momo to steer her by


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thanks, and what about the side intrusion bar, ive seen a car for sale advertised as having one but its unclear where it fits and whether its permanent. I know its a safety feature but if its on the outside of the car its not very attractive.


Is it a removable item without leaving bolt holes

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