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Car setup?


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ok this might be a how long is a piece if string question...


but what is an optimal setup in terms of camber, castor, ride hights etc for a sprint focused car (i.e. happy to live with any short comings for the few road miles I do)


things to consider, radials, light weight (busa), power 200 ish 🤔


I know the corner weights are OK, just wanted to get to a default setup on everything else...


rob *confused*

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Hi Rob, I have parallel tracking, 2.75deg neg camber, front lower wishbones set horizontal to the ground, 15 to 20mm rake, soft front ARB and no rear ARB. Can't remember what castor I have but know it involves lots of washers. This is with a heavy zetec lump up front.


Class 4 Zetec *cool*.....trying but failing to keep on the right side of the fairies

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