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Raceline water rail


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I currently have DIY plumbing to my Zetec which is a sealed system. I have had no problems with it apart from a couple of the joints in the pipes having small leaks periodically. A Raceline sump should be on order fairly soon and I wondered about ordering their water rail at the same time. Primary aims being to simplify the installation and reduce the risk of failure.


Does anyone have any strong views or observations about it. I note it isn't a sealed system, any issues with this? Are the silicone hoses worth the extra cost apart from the bling factor.


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The Raceline water rail makes filling and venting of the cooling system a real doddle. *thumbup*


Because of the remote location of the thermostat, you will need to drill a small hole in the 'stat baseplate to prevent wild cycling of the engine temperatures before everything gets to normal operating temp and eventually settles down. The downside of this is that it takes longer for everything to come up to working temperature.


The Raceline Zetec sump is a well designed and immensely strong piece of kit. *thumbup*


As for silicone hoses, they do last a lot longer and definitely worth it for the bling factor alone! *tongue*



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I run both on my Zetec.

The Raceline water rail is a very neat solution. It hugs the head and looks like it's meant to be there. As Brent said, you need to drill a small hole in the stat to allow some coolant flow before the stat opens up.

It's not a sealed cooling system but it seems quite happy to find it's own level.

I guess I check my coolant once a month and it only really needs topping up every now and then.


The sump is really well designed. I was cleaning the inside of mine yesterday (Jeez, I'm beginning to sound like Phil Waters *wink*) The baffling is really well done and the fixed pickup pipe and internal filter is very clever.

The filter works well as I recovered the end on my dipstick (that I "lost" last year) from it yesterday 😬








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