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VX / Jenveys sussh airbox quiet


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I spent some time in the garage yesterday and fabricated an airbox for the VX / Jenveys.

I made it out of ali with marine ply backing / front plate. All sprayed black to match the rest of the car.

I used silicone sealant/releasing agent (er that's Vaseline to you and I) on the backing plate to make a perfect fit/seal between backing plate and box.

It was a prototype but will probably see permanent service now.

At the moment I am running Piper Cross trumpet socks inside the airbox as that was all I had in the garage filter wise today. I will probably go to proper filter on the front of the air pipe and cool air splitter (as other have posted about).

I need to clean up the pipe fitting to the box and get a proper 3" air pipe to fit the filter to.


But what a difference in driving experience *thumbup*

Instead of the induction noise dominating the in cockpit experience I can hear the lovely exhaust note barking away instead.


I can't discern any loss of power/torque in road use and the whole thing weighs in at 1.12 kg as compared to 0.75 kg for the ITG filter and backing plate.


No more oily trousers brushing against the filter...






Don't forget to add lightness :-)

My 2002/2003 racing pics


General pics (mostly of 7's and cars).



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