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1400Kss Engine (Possible use for 1800Kss conversion)


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Following the my recent 1800 upgrade, I have the following cluttering up my shed:


1993 1400Kss engine complete with:

Stat (82 deg C) & housing

EU2 Head (LDF cast on inlet side if it helps)

super sport cams with std pulleys (I can fit & time verniers if supplied as these significantly improve performance).

Mechanical tensioner (less than 3K miles)

Cam belt (less than 3K miles)

Distributer (c/w leads less than 3K miles)

All cam belt covers and machined Rover front engine mount (makes cam cover look tidy)

Wet sump (6mm fixing bolts), dip stick assy. pick up, baffle plate, gasket etc

Block modified to accept Apollo tank.

Freshly powder coated engine mounts

Clutch cover and worn centre plate.


No altenator, water rail, oil filter housing or flywheel as these were used on my new engine but all easily obtainable s/hand.


This engine was running well when removed. It has done 40K road miles and run faultlessly for me over the last 10K miles.

If it is replacing another 1400, the only thing I'd change would be the rear crank case seal (easy job)


This has all the bits required to upgrade a Rover 1800K for use in a Caterham.


£350 or offers



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Your probably right, it just seems such a shame to split such a peach of an engine that is almost ready to go straight into a car.


I also thought it would be ideal for anyone converting a Rover 1600 or 1800 for use in a seven as all the bits you need are there.


I may hang onto it. If I can't get a minimum of £250 for it. I'll keep it for spares.



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What do you want to know?


I'd guess the engine would fit into the hole with the engine mounts and probably mate to a 5 speed type 9 box with Marks bellhousing (though not sure about input shaft lengths)

You would have to source inlet manifold (I have injectors that go with the engine), alternator, oil filter housing and wiring which are fairly easily available from a breakers yard. That leaves a super sport ecu (or emerald) and plenum chamber which do come up on here when people put throttle bodies on. Quite a few s/h k series exhausts available around the £100 mark.


I was getting over 40mpg from the 1400 so you may be able to justify it on fuel savings alone!


You would have to balance the issues going fuel injected k series as apposed to zetec which is the most common x flow upgrade.


If you want any more info, don't hesitate to contact me on 01303 260665 (evenings)



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