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Curborough - Thanks


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Just wanted to say thanks to Colin and all his minions for organising a great day at Curborough. Thanks also to all the marshalls as usual. Ah well at least you didn't get sunburn 😬


Finally, thanks to all the people who helped push/ pull me off the grass in the paddock when the car had sunk.


See you all at MIRA




R287 Mobile Jaffa Cake- It's black at both ends with a smashing orangey bit in the middle here

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And another from Kristy & I, a great day out despite the weather.


Thanks to all the organisers and marshals, particularly the startline marshal (sorry didn't get your name) who helped with our driver change-overs, swapping numbers etc and retained good humour to the last despite the drenching, much appreciated *thumbup*

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A great day well orgainsed by Team Heseltine.


I would also like to add my thanks to:


Phil Gough of Liverpool Motor Club for being Clerk

Guy Rossler for an excellent commentary (what did he say about me 🤔)

Nick Chan for being a steward of the meeting and recording all the yellow trowel moments

The spectators for coming along and giving us support

Malcolm Godfrey for being a steward and manning the ESV

All the competitors for supporting the event and some great driving despite the weather

Emily Bransom for her excellent administration in processing all the entries


Hope to see you all back at Curborough in August *thumbup*


Mark D

Comp Sec *cool*



Edited by - Mark Durrant on 18 May 2008 14:42:18

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......another thank you to all the organisers from Paul and Hannah.


This was our first ever event - enjoyed it thoroughly, in spite of the weather.


Thanks to Neil for the loan of the awning - made time in the paddock much more civilised and for the tremendous support from everyone - not sure I've ever experienced such a friendly and supportive atmosphere. *smile*


Roll on the next one...



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  • Area Representative


From memory:-

Class 1 - Jon Ward

Class 2 - Graham Howard

Class 3 - David Nelson

Class 4 - Mark Durrant

Class 5 - Rob Grigsby

Class 6 - Graham Ford

FTD - Rob Grigsby


The morning was slightly damp to start with, and the conditions were changeable all day, but quite wet for most of the afternoon.


I went off on both timed runs 😳 😳 *mad*

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Just to add my thanks too. It was great and a pleasure to be involved again.

Mark - not telling (can't remember actually). It's Rooster isn't it? *wink*

Richard - just call me Murray 😬

Everyone else - for the organisation and the entertainment. Top marks to all drivers, I was very happy in my dry(ish) hut.


😬 all round I'd say.


See you all next time. *wavey*


What was that groan I heard at the back there???



NN 😳

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  • Support Team

Big thanks from me to Colin, his family, all the other organisers, stewards, marshalls etc etc who enable this all to happen for us drivers. All that work from them and I can't even post a time *mad*. Looking forward to doing better in August.




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Big Thanks to all those above from here too - it's not the best way to start a season 😳 - but bless all the Marshall's prepared to up with the hideous weather, seemingly without complaint!!?? 😳 🥰 *thumbup* ... oh a special thanks to Michael Calvert who's beaming grin never ceased to raise my spirits!! *cool*


I really have to praise any novice who undertook that baptism of fire particularly as I wimped out of my second run!!


Thanks also to those supporters that braved the conditions too *thumbup* *wavey*


Lynda and Roland


Edit to add *tongue*




Edited by - WindyCat on 18 May 2008 20:43:05

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Thanks to all - Mark for trying to explain the lines to me (where a simple "just try to keep off the green bits" would have been easier to remember *redface*), David/Adrian + Micheal/Kate for the "follow that trailer" based navigation system. Well done to everyone who stayed on, and thanks for the entertainment to the others.


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And a "Thank you" from me - the Heseltine family and the marshals (good to see you Ian!) drove the event along despite our best efforts to slow it down.

Well done to Graham Howard for his Class 2 win - you have a Third-in-Class pot coming for the Marshals Club Sprint too, Graham (Rob was second and Graham Ford took the top award - the classes were amalgamated because of the low turnout).

I was thrilled to take third in class yesterday, my first club sprint award after six years of trying - must try harder!



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