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CSR brake light switch


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If its the pame part as a 'normal' Seven, then you can usually bring them back to life by opening them (be careful the spring doesn't fly off!) and giving everything a good clean before re-assembly.




-----See some pictures of the build here. 13000 miles completed!

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Or fit one from a motorbike and probably never have a problem again.


You may need to make a bracket though as it's likely to be a pull switch with a spring not a push.


1.6 SV - GJ02JLO - If there's one thing I've learned, it's that it should have been something else.

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Thanks all... managed to get to Dartford JUST in time... what a simple item! There was me thinking it would be some funky sealed microswitch of some kind. I do love the simplicity of these cars *biggrin*


Bracket was screwed in, so quick and easy change and hey presto, I have brake lights! I'll give the old one a clean up abd keep it as a spare...

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