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Duratec conversion


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Two questions


1) Don't spend to long, I'm only dreaming as I am poorer than a chuch mouse, that's wife has run off with all the money, and a large tax bill has landed on my mat.


But, if I was a rich man, how much (approx) would it cost to take my 1.8K series engine out, and put a duratec lump in, with all the Gubines that are needed to make it work. (Please note "Gubbins", is a techical term for the bits that I don't know the names of)


£10K sound about right, for it fully fitted?


2) Where can I get that money from?



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HI Stu


Why not improve the K? Well, it is expensive to do, the K isn't the future, and I don't like the way the K gives it's power. So, it would for me, be better to put an engine with more torque, and which deleivers its power more smoothly, and will hopefully last a fair few years.


Tiddy1, do you get 6.5K for a 1.8K Super sport engine?


I wouldn't mind putting a 2.3 engine in, I think it can fit....well the same sort of fitting, that I do with my jeans?









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It depends what you currently have, I'm guess tiddy1 already had an Emerald ECU with his K so that's £600 extra, plus you'll really want a rolling road day so that's another £250. The nice Emerald pre-made Duratec loom makes everything a lot simpler, that's another £250.


It all adds up very quickly, I'm sure you can get on installed for £7-8K but realistically if someone does the conversion for you it will be more than that. Also how much power do you want? I've got a 2.3l and it's superb but the trend definetly seems to be to go the 2l route. Dry sumped or not? mine is but again the trend seems to be wet sump.


You'll be amazed how quickly the costs add up, I have a complete break down of the costs for mine and there aren't really that many "big ticket" items other than the engine itself and the exhaust system/silencer, it's just lots of £100-150 bits that means you end up with a big bill.




Rob G



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Mark , no I was selling a 210 bhp dry sumped K with emerald ecu and exhaust and also a 6 speed box(as they don't really go with a duratec)


As for the 7K that is total price including a brand new emerald ecu, emerald wiring loom, brand new engine, and cams, it should give 210 bhp


and I would agree with rob, the cost is in the little bits, as the engines are only £1500 new from ford


so why change you may ask, I am an engineer and I was wanted a challange,


I almost enjoy building these things more than driving them!



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