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Jupiter alloys + centre caps + nuts + steering wheel badge


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Another try !


Thanks to a lot of help from several Club members my list is getting shorter.


In order to put my factory built 1978 Caterham Super Seven Twin Cam (rebuilt with a new 1987 chassis) visually in "original" condition, I' m looking for the following classic parts dating from the period 1978 - 1987 :


- 2 KN Jupiter alloys 6"x13"(Ford PCD) for 60° nuts

- 4 aluminium centre caps for 6"x13" KN Jupiter alloys (Ford PCD)

- 8 M12 x 1.5 closed nuts (mid eighties type)

- 1 badge (black / silver 7) for steering wheel


Be aware that I' m looking for old parts from the period 1978 - 1987 manufactured by the original suppliers. Help or advice to source these parts is always welcome !



Jack Flash


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