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Why do the wrong words come out of your mouth ?

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So there I am at the engine doctors today, handing over the car, wallet trembling. On the way there I kept saying to myself, 'just ask for a rebuild, just ask for a rebuild' like a mantra.


What would sir like ? was the question, I open my mouth to say the mantra and these words came out 'As the engine is apart could you surgest any improvements - I don't want much more but just a little more top end go would be nice'


😔 fool fool fool



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Why do the wrong words come out of your mouth?

...because you open it?


I do understand the problem Richard. I took the 21 in with a HGF and ended up with a new VHPD and a new exhaust, with a lightweight flywheel waiting to go in, and whne the engine has to come out for that I rather suspect that a new rad (designed with horixzontal mounting in mind) will have to be acquired as well, quite probably with a bigger (airflow) fan.



All I need is more work to finance these foolish things. ☹️

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