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Starter Button Isolation


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Hi people,


Yes, I know there are several threads concerning the wiring and installation of the BRSB and toggle switch but I keep coming up with the same problem.


If my interpretation of the BRSB and toggle switch method of ignition is correct then it would still only take a passing muppet to play with the toggle switch and hence arm the ignition circuit and starter button .


Whereas I appreciate that the immobiliser (standard K series) would prevent the engine starting, it would still turn over. Therefore if you were to leave the car in gear as I do, then there is the potential for said muppet to move the car on the starter motor!


I really don't want to install a battery master switch as that would involve carrying an even bigger key than the standard ignition key!


My thoughts were to install a hidden switch to isolate the starter button but I would greatly appreciate the thoughts of the collective wisdom of blatchat.


Thanks again everyone. *wavey*


Foggy the Silver Seven !!

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Isolating the starter isn't enough. If a passing little tinker turns your Ign on you might have a flat battery by the time you get back to the car.

Better to have another in line Igniton switch hidden under the scuttle.

The position would be unique to your vehicle, making it quite difficult for a potential thief to find quickly.


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Thats a fair point! Thanks for that.



I'm rapidly coming to that conclusion myself!! Easier just to live with rattling my knee on the ignition switch occasionaly! ☹️

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