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Speedo Drive Circlip


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Can anyone tell me where the circlip to atach the speedo angle drive to the gearbox is meant to attach?


My speedo has stopped working suddenly and I can't see a circlip in place so this could be the problem. The angle drive does seem to be attached with just a little up and down movement.


Car is a late 99 / early 2000 vx Classic.


Thanks *thumbup*

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It's a bu**er of a job to get in.


Having failed to get mine in last year and given up (got James Whiting to do it in the end) - I read of what sounds like a cunning plan to make it easier.


The suggestion was to close the circlip down by knotting cotton through the eyelet holes. You then pop the circlip in and cut the thread for it to open up and locate in place.


Haven't tried it, but sounds like a useful hint?



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Thanks for the responses chaps *thumbup*


Still none the wiser unfortunately. Mine's a mechanicle speedo with the angle drivehere coming stright out of the gearbox. I can't see a lip where the circlip would go.


Am I right in thinking that all of you are at Curborough this weekend? If so, I'll be there too so if any of you get bored between runs............. 😬

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