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Brake pads for CSR 200 ?

Lasse H

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One of the few things that I´m not quite impressed with

regarding my CSR 200 is it´s brakes. Considering up grading

to better (ie more abrasive) brake pads. Since I have very

good experience with Pagid on my former track-day car (Elise),

changing to Pagid is my first choice. Another option would be

Performance Friction. Can somebody help me with the part numbers

for these pads ? The swedish dealer haven´t a clue.





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part numbers are as follows


Mintex - MDB2027

Perf Friction - 7834

Ferodo - Frp3085

Pagid - ERS0062510 - this part number may be subject to change as pagid are no longer showing this as a current part number, i'll confirm as soon as they get back to me






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