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So how many engines have you blown up???

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Well my tally after last night is now 5.


3 x 4 cylinder (including a K series ☹️)

1 x straight 6

1 x V8 😳


(and I wrecked the valves on a 4 cyclinder boxer engine by getting the timing wrong on a rebuild)


I have done 1 gearbox and one diff as well.


I had a co-driver wreck/rip the front suspension off a 1969 full prepped GT6 on an 'event' as well - the moral of that one don't let the co-driver drive your car 'cos your hot/tired. Having your p+j collapse and hit the deck mid-corner whilst your NOT driving is no fun. If one of my cars is going to break I at least want to have the fun of breaking it 😬



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1 GM (not my fault the timing belt snapped)


and 1 BMW auto gearbox, because I wanted to know if it would engage reverse whilst going forwards at 30mph - It did, but it was the last thing it did as well *tongue*


Dry-sumped White Supersprint *smile*


Webshots here

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One K- series - my Rover not GTD's - I hope.


The head gasket when and by the time I could say oooh look at all that steam that looks terminal - my wife was outside the car had managed to remove R400 from his seat and was busily saving herself and child as she thought it might be on fire. I sometimes wonder if I am over insured.

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1 x Hillman Hunter "Holbay" engine - HGF / Big end ☹️


1 x Montego diesel "siezed" when oil pump failed. *thumbup*


1 x Nissan X-trail 2.2 diesel - engine "caught fire" and parts "disintegrated". *thumbup* *wavey*


So far, so good on the K-Series Caterham front... (Touches wood icon *eek*)


Joint AR South Wales The Taffia


Webshots here

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2 x Ford Cortina 1600E - 1st car ... 1st Engine lasted 3 months ☹️ 2nd Engine (recon) lasted 2 years *smokin*


1 x Ford Escort RS1600 - 2nd car ... Engine lasted 18 months, chasing an XR2 *rolleyes* Hence ...


1 x Ford Fiesta XR2 - 3rd car ... Engine lasted till the day after i sold it *tongue*


1 x Passat Deisel Estate - 7th car ... Objected to losing the timing chain 3 weeks after we bought it Replacement engine just ticked over the 200,000 mile mark & going well 😬


So 5 engines out of 8 cars in 26 years *cool*



*arrowright*Get a Mosaic Poster of YOUR car and help Nuke the Leuk here *arrowleft*


*arrowright*Pictures here *arrowleft*

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Blimey I'm beginning to feel bad about still giving Mr WC grief for being (in the words of Dr Dave Andrews) this close *arrowright* *arrowleft* to blowing the engine.


Mind you it was nothing to do with abusive driving ... he kept telling me the oil level was fine but didn't bother to check it *rolleyes*



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😬 I'm afraid it's under the bonnet GTD *eek* *eek*


Mr WC was quite aghast when he was told that, unlike his Audi, an orange flashing oil can symbol wouldn't appear on his dashboard when the oil level was starting to run low, giving him plenty of time to book it into the local garage!! *rolleyes*


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Caterhams are more idiot proof than Audis. The usual notification of a small glowing light isn't (in their opinion) enough. Caterham have installed the following warnings:


1. It's REALLY REALLY rattly when cold. Don't believe people when they say "they all do that sir", they're muppets

2. It's REALLY REALLY rattly when warm - this is your 2nd warning sign

3. LOTS AND LOTS OF SMOKE COMES OUT OF THE BACK VERY SUDDENLY - this is the final warning sign and generally involves the Pratchat techtalk crowd sucking through their teeth and suggesting you go and walk up the yellow brick road (that's somehwere in milton keynes I think) and have the engine "fartled" or something.


Over the years, other warning signs include:


"I'm down on power" - stop being a fanny, you KNOW it's broken, don't fartarse around and just get it rebuilt


Your clutch slipping so badly that you realise (shortly after the car has emptied of oil) that the propshaft oil seal has gone, coating your whole engine bay in oil




Vrooooooommm - WHOOOOOOSSSH as coolant decides it wants to come out of your exhaust, then WHOOOOOOSH as the rest boils off under your bonnet. This is a great one referred to as a "cracked liner"


A car that pumps the contents of your radiator into the passenger footwell every 50 miles. A sure sign that it's gone tits up. Best bit is that it does it without overheating until the engine suddenly just melts.


There's also the one that when you top your car up with petroleum distillate, you ALSO have to put a litre of oil into the engine. In fact, 1 litre every 500 miles and there are NO VISIBLE LEAKS ANYWHERE on your car. THat's a good sign.



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