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oil pressure levels on crossflows

steve and casper

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My 97 1600 crossflow supersprint with 15k on the clock runs low oil pressure on idle once warm of between 1 and 2 bar.Is this normal and anybody else experienced this.Faulty sensor or gauge maybe ?.Engine runs well with no smoke or loss in power so wouldnt mind views on this



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It's quite normal for a X/Flow to have low op at idle. Seem to recall it is normally around 3-3.5 bar running at higher rpm when hot.


If yours is at that level then all should be well. *thumbup*



(aka Arfur Nayo)


2.3 DURATEC SV You know when you've been AMMO'd *eek* 😬

R470.69 😬

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Mine is the same, around 1 bar at tick-over (oil pressure light comes on), but 4.5 - 5.5 bar when warm at revs (dry sumped).





Ital or Ford... the choice is yours....


Hmmm, I'll have the ford please Bob.

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