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Ignition warning light

Mike C

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My HPC seems to be suffering from charging problems. The light was occasionally flickering but would eventually go out. I thought the problem was down to a slack aternator belt and also a dodgy cable (the thin one that goes to the back of the alternator and is separate from the other 3.


Having fixed both of these, all was well for a 100 miles. Took the car out last night and after about 7 miles I stopped to check something else on the car, then noticed the warning light was on again! This time it's soild, no flickering and does not extinguish with higher revs.


I must admit that during an overheating episode, the belt got covered in coolant but doesn't seem to be slipping. The alternator also go wet.


Any clues as to cause?.... *confused*


Mike C

No longer K9 JPE

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Check the votage at the battery with the engine running. It should be between 13.5v & 14.2v. You may need to rev the engine to get 14.2v. If not then the alternator needs a good seeing to. *eek*


If the voltage is as above then it is possible the the warning light circuit is earthing out in the engine bay. Saw this on another car a while ago...................after we'd swapped the alternator. *evil*

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