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Llandow Video


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Here is my video of the mornings 2nd Practice @74.68secs.


Sorry there's no sound. Mic gave me grief all weekend. But it does show the speed 😬


There is some rapid wheel action in places. This is 'cos I didn't lift 😔


I will get round to editing some of the moments from all the runs. Some are down right scary!


I have just returned from Road n Track where we found that the TPS was up the spout and that the Roller Barrels were not opening more than 75% *mad*


Does that mean I could have gone 25% quicker. Steve G reckons I had less than 180bhp. So thats a Class 4 record also then 😬


Giving it some Welly. As Always!

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Yes Dave. I think the wider fronts allow a greater entry/apex speed. Balance is still good like last year.


That run was actually a re run and I felt the rears had definately gone off by the end of the second lap *cry*


I did a 74.95 in the afternoon on a first run and felt there was more to come - but hey.


Its a pitty the sound is up the spout as it would show how early/flat the throttle pedal was *smokin* In truth it was extremely physical but strangely felt easy to


Does that make sense?

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