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Recommendations for socket sets please


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Have mislaid my old Draper 1/2" drive socket set. Great excuse to now consider sthg a bit more user friendly and lighter ideally with 3/8" drive.


Was considering Halfords Pro range but would welcome wisdom of BC. Are Sealey (Machine Mart), Teng Tools and the like any good?


Snap-On out of price range unless anyone willing to sell their 2nd hand gear.




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I always use Snap On as I come from the aircraft industry and that was how I was trained. My 7 kit is fully Snap on [including 41 mm socket].


However, from a economy point of view, most the technicians from the companies we supply use halfords pro range and from what I have seen it is very very good.


Most of Snap On's kit is made for them by AN Other and you will see a lot of good quality World Wide tool manufacturers used.



Dreaming of a Se7en someday soon

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I use the Halfords Pro range and have been very pleased with the quality and feel of them. *thumbup*


Having said that I still also use the set that was bought for me as a present just over 40 years ago and whilst it doesn't look as good quality as the Pro range, it has seen sterling service on countless cars from my 1650 Anglebox onwards, and is still in perfect condition.


Keep them clean, dry and always put them back in place and they will last a lifetime - literally. *thumbup*



(aka Arfur Nayo)


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My opinion is Halfords pro are excelent, if you are thinking of getting a chunk of stuff then their £150 set is often on offer for £99 and the club gets vouchers at 10% off so about £90.


I like them because you can buy a set then go in and top up with individual sockets / spanners as required.



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money no object, I'd go for Snap on / Facom.


I personally have Halfords Pro and have been more than happy with them. Feel almost as good as my bro's snap on stuff. They carry a lifetime warranty and with the club discount programme, and if you can get access to a halford trade card, you're in line to save even more. *thumbup*

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As much as I'd like to buy Snap On I doubt I'll ever be able to afford it so the in-laws bought me the 235 piece set from Argos as a pressie. Yes it's cheap and budget but like Brent does I always keep it dry and put it back in the trays as it should be. After 3 years of fairly constant use nothing's broken and I see no reason to change *thumbup*


For affordable quality the Halfords Pro range is highly rated. I've so far extended my budget to 3 spanners of theirs 😬




VX HPC - Loud and proud here

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As said the Halfords ones are quite good value. I would prefer to see a few less spanners in their 150 piece socket set for £99 but apart from that its fine and I have seen it several times in professional workshops.


Slightly off topic but can I put in a particular recomendation for their 127 piece aluminium cased general tool kit. here

I have loads of tools but this is just such a useful kit for small Caterham jobs and ANY non-wood related DIY job around the house. The quality of the tools is excellent and its easy to lug about. I have seen these on offer as low as £80 which is what I got mine for. I was so pleased with mine that I bought one for my brother who is delighted with his as well. The only tools I felt it was missing was a small wire brush and an adjustable which I added later. Big *thumbup*

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I always use Snap On as I come from the aircraft industry


Me to but then i use it every day so i want something thats going to last the course.

Will say i'm no big fan of Britool tools. When i say this i'm really singleling out there rachet's. I remember in my earlier days in aviation i went through two or three 1/4" drive rachets in the space of a year or two. The gearing just wasn't up to it imo. Whether things have improoved today i don't know but since i changed to Snapon i have yet to replace the inards in the twenty or more years i have been using them.


For the Seven i have in the main Craftsmen tools. American. Very good quality at a very reasoable price. Anyone holidaying in the States do keep a look out for them you'll not be disappointed. Sears, Walmart stores.


So whats available here. Halfords Pro range. Only have the one spanner from there range to remove the glow plugs on my Pug. Have to say pretty impressed with the quality and for home use i wouldn't hesitate buying anymore.

Never used Sealey myself but i have seen them. Quite a nice looking tool so certainly worth a look.




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I stil use a Halfords kit that I bought with my first car in 1982 😳 - I've lost a couple of sockets but it's still going strong - no rust, no ratchet problems - good kit.




C7 SSP - returns *smile*


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Guys, have you looked at Blue Point at all?


A company called Danaher makes the tools for Snap-On and they have a number of other ranges they make, my sister just kindly gifted me with a BluePoint set which just came via the local Aston dealer where a friend of hers works from their snapon guy. Essentially they're a snapon tool without the snap on price and i'm very happy with them so far.


The difference appears to be that they are slightly heaver than the snapon equivalent but I think it's a great set all together. Same lifetime warranty too.


Edited to add link, a quick google and they're in the snapon online catalogue:

Blue Point


And the set I got:






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I bought, bit-by-bit a complete Britool kit when I was serving my time in 1961-on. They were considered the best in those days.


About 5 years ago I bought a few Britool bit. First time i used the 1/4 to 3/8 convertor it broke! I took it back to the friend I bought it from and he replaced it. he also explained the quality has gone as Britool have it all made in China to a very low price, hence low spec. Although they look the same as they always did.


So, another vote for Halfords Pro stuff.



And Mr Ma's stuff. *biggrin*


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Doug/Nverona; Britool used to be excellent when they had a British tool (see what they did there?) factory/owners. Unfortunately Britool was bought by a French company called Facom, who immediately closed the factory and transferred manufacture of a diminished range and quality elsewhere to 'run the product down' and effectively remove a competitor.

Unfortunately for Facom, Stanley have since bought them, and would appear to be about to do the same thing!

The BluePoint range from Snap-on is regarded as 'the best of the rest' for a buyer on a budget.


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I've recently bought a halfords set. Very impressed, I waited for the half price special offer, applied club discount, then advised by a sales assistant that further 10% discount would be applied if I reserved it online.


Gets my vote

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