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(Numpty) K-Series timing question


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Numpty question perhaps but:


Why has my R400 K-Series both a distributor and magnetic flywheel pickup?

I thought for the ignition timing I need one of both. (some cars don't have distributors and others don't have magnetic pickup's).








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My R400 is exactly the same *smile*


The crank position sensor is there to accurately measure the angle of the crank shaft so the fuel injection and ignition can be accurately triggered. The distributor is there just to switch the high tension voltage to the right spark plug - it plays no part in the ignition timing (unlike say a Xflow where there is a set of points within the distributor that does time the ignition)


In newer EU3 engines there is no distributor - just two coil packs alternately firing (each is connected to two spark plugs and both fire at the same time - one is wasted hence 'wasted spark' ignition)




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If you're running an MBE ECU you can change to wasted spark easily by wiring in the second coil pack - you can use either the OEM Rover coil packs or "anything" else made for wasted spark.


You'll also need to change the settings in the ECU.

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You will need to review the injector wiring for sequential firing, the MBE fires all 4 injectors in batched mode, the feeds from 1/4 and 2/3 are bridged and can be separated to provide grouped firing, but for sequential you will need to rewire the injector loom.



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