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Distance from rear hub face to end of driveshaft - what's yours


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What should be the measurement between the outer face of the rear hub (which the inner face of the wheel mates to) and the end of the driveshaft.


And, possibly more importantly, how can it be changed.


I have an '87 Supersprint and the dimension on this car is is 42mm. This results in being unable to fit wheel centres (on either minilites or Caterham 12 spoke anthracites). Brakes are standard Sierra offering I believe (in case it makes a difference).


On a '97 Vx the same dimension is 30mm - so quite a big difference, resulting in no hassle keeping the wheel centres on. Brakes on this one are AP.


Why the difference ?



X-flow(er) power now resting. Trying Vx for a change.

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