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Curborough Final Instructions


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Hi Mark, just got home and checked mail, I haven't got anything at all and Kristy has just got a blank email from Emily refering to the 19th of May with nothing attached.


Could you possibly ask Emily to resend or can I contact her direct?






Edited by - Greg P on 12 May 2008 19:39:23

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Here you go *thumbup*


Lotus 7 Club Clubmans Sprint Curborough 1

Saturday 17th May 2008

Competitor Final Instructions



Please read these final instructions carefully, they tell you some of the things that you need to do before the event and on the day.



· Permit Number 46867 has been received from the M.S.A.

· Lotus Seven Club Championship Permit Nr: CHS2008/056(D)

· Clerk of the Course: Mr. Phil Gough

· Deputy Clerk of the Course: Mr. David Pattison

· MSA Steward: Mr. Alan Ward

· Chief Scrutineer: Mr. David Glover



· If you have not already competed a Championship commentary sheet then please complete the attached commentary sheet and make sure you bring it with you on the day in order to prevent our commentator inventing "facts" about you!



· CAMPING will be available at Curborough on both the Friday evening, and Saturday evening. Shelter, tables, chairs and a BBQ with fuel and tools will be provided - please bring your own food and liquid refreshments.

· It would help if you let us know when you are intending to arrive if coming on Friday the 16th. to enable us to arrange for the circuit to be open (otherwise it will be locked and you will not be able to gain access!) Please telephone 07774 878475 before 3 p.m. on Friday 16th.

· Park neatly occupying the minimum of paddock space and please park any non-competing vehicle trailer in a sensible location



· Opens at 8 a.m. for car numbers 1-30 and dual drivers.

· Opens at 8.45 a.m. for car numbers 31-60.

· Opens at 9.30 a.m. for car numbers above 60

· You must present your L7CGB membership card, MSA licence (otherwise MSA £45.00 fine has to be levied !!) and MSA official log book (If the car is currently licensed for use on the road and competing in a road legal condition OR if it is currently used in circuit racing and is entered in an event on an occasional basis only this is NOT needed. Please bring documentary proof of circuit racing e.g. a recent race programme).

· Completed commentary sheet must be handed in too.

· Upgrade card – complete with photo and signature if you wish to gain a licence upgrade signature.

· Any driver not signing on by 10.30 a.m. may be excluded.

· No engines to be revved before 8.45 a.m.



· Starts at 8 a.m. for car numbers 1-30, continues at 8.45 a.m. for car numbers 31-60 and continues at 9.30 a.m. for car numbers above 60.

· Only cars passed by the scrutineer, with competition numbers in place will be allowed to practice.



· No vehicle will be permitted to use the circuit without displaying the correct self-adhesive competition numbers on both sides of the car. These numbers will not be provided by the organisers. Dual drives must remember to obscure the appropriate number before approaching the start line (a strip of insulating or tank tape will suffice).



· The course can be walked by competitors who are not familiar with it until 8:45 a.m.



· A short briefing for drivers new to sprinting and/or those who have not competed at Curborough will be held adjacent to the signing-on hut at 8.30 a.m.


· Practice will start at 9.00 a.m. prompt and will be run in class and number order.

· Please help us to keep the event running smoothly by being aware of and ready for your sessions and listening for any announcements and by co-operating with the marshals. Due to noise restrictions the Public address system may only be used to call the first cars to the line for the morning practice runs. Please watch for your number sequence moving towards the collecting area and present yourself when appropriate. Cars should move to the collecting area at the new return road then proceed to the starting area.



· Approach the start line where a red light will show.

· The car will be positioned on the line by the start Marshal.

· When the red light turns green you may start in your own time.



· If a red flag is displayed, you should come to a standstill as soon as practicable and await further instructions from the marshals. On completion of your run do not stop immediately after the finish line as the next competitor cannot start his run until you are safely off the course. You must proceed back to the bottom loop (start line area).



· First timed runs will start at 1 p.m.



· Should you have to refuel in the paddock you are particularly asked to carry out this procedure in an open space with no smoking or working going on in the vicinity. We also remind you regarding the general safety of mechanics and competitors when working on their vehicles in the paddock particularly when the vehicles are jacked up or on axle stands.

· Children are welcome but YOU must be responsible for their behaviour and safety. Please consider whether their attendance is appropriate.

· An ambulance with trained personnel will be available on the day courtesy of D.R.R. Rescue and a Paramedic will be in attendance.



As a participant in this driving event, you are responsible for the preparation of your car. If you are unsure of its condition it should be checked by a competent mechanic prior to the event. A quick check at the track is not a substitute for a thorough inspection of your car. Any car found improperly prepared will not be permitted to participate.



Will not be available on site.



Your attention is specially brought to item 9 of the supplementary regulations as reprinted below

All cars MUST be fitted with a Safety Roll-Over Structure - Competitor Safety [C©].

You are advised that the traditional standard Caterham rollover bar does not meet these requirements. Any car fitted with the traditional standard rollover bar that arrives at an event will not be allowed to compete.



It is important to ensure that the tyres which you use on the day are acceptable for the class which you have entered. Please re-read the section in the supplementary regulations which relates to your chosen class and verify that your tyres are correct for that class. If you are still unsure please contact Competition Secretary Mark Durrant and he will be pleased to advise.



All cars must run with a windscreen – see Competitors (C(b)26.h), which can be off the “aero” type or plastic if required.



· Curborough is still experiencing difficulty with local residents complaining about noise. At this meeting all cars will be noise tested at some point during the day (The majority will be tested in the collecting area). You will be told when you are required for this test.

· The current requirements - see Competitors (C(b)24) is for no more than 108dB(A) at 2/3 maximum RPM at 0.5m at 45% with the exhaust outlet. Most Sevens should not have problems with this test, which is less severe than race circuit requirements but you are advised that your silencer should be in good condition.

· Please avoid running cars and the creation of any unnecessary noise during the lunch break if possible and when entering or leaving the circuit.




· Crash helmet and fireproof overalls (MSA approved - please check standards in the Blue Book).

· Timing strut.

· Fuel (not available on site).

· Self Adhesive Competition Numbers (Your number is on the enclosed entry list). Please remember that numbers MUST be removed at the finish of the event - Sprints, Hillclimbs and Drag Racing (I.30)



· The track is situated off the A38 approximately 2.5 miles north east of Lichfield in Staffordshire. The turn off the A38 is signposted "Fradley Park".

· The circuit is OS map reference 128/134128

· There is no public telephone on the site, the nearest callbox is situated at Fradley canal junction OS map reference 128/145143.



1 Mr Alan Johnson

2 Mr Michael Burnham

3 Mr Alec Tunbridge

4 Mr Neil Fraser

5 Mr Jonathan Ward

6 Mr Matthew Willoughby

7 Dr Malcolm Hickey

8 Dr Richard Ormson

9 Mr Paul Boston

10 Mr Andrew Willoughby

11 Mr Greg Price

12 Mr David Grewcock

13 Mr Alistair Gibbins

107 Mrs Judith Hickey

109 Miss Hannah Boston

111 Mrs Kristy Price






17 Mr Andrew Brown

18 Mr Stephen Herring

19 Mr Richard Price

20 Mr Andrew Jenkins

21 Mr Graham Howard

22 Mr Mike Vickers

23 Mr Paul Collins

24 Mr Andrew Couchman

25 Mr Robert Spencer

26 Mr James Spicer

27 Mr Iain Peace

28 Mr Roger Cumming

29 Mr Michael Sankey

118 Mrs Patricia Herring

119 Miss Katie Price

120 Mr Matthew Jenkins

122 Mr Stuart Vickers

129 Miss Kate Sankey






33 Mr Clive Bridges

34 Mr Gary Frost

35 Mr Mark Gibson

36 Mrs Tamara Calvert

37 Mr Mike Desmond

38 Mr Kevin Evans

39 Mr Martyn Mills

40 Mr Tony Robinson

41 Mr Alan Bowler

42 Mr Roger Burns

43 Mr Robin Brackett

44 Mrs Gemma Hawkes

45 Mr David Nelson

46 Mr Jeff Smith

47 Mr David Wingfield

136 Mr Michael Calvert

144 Mr Christopher Hawkes







51 Mr Nigel Fox

52 Miss Lynn Gilbert

53 Mr Paul Forster

54 Mr Martin Sargeant

55 Mr Clive McCall

56 Mr Martin Bushaway

57 Mr David Jeggo

58 Mr John Caldicott

59 Mr Mark Durrant

152 Mr Chris Howard-Harris

154 Ms Julie Greenhalgh






63 Mr Robert Margel

64 Mr Stephen Gatward

65 Mr Simon Rogers

66 Mr Adrian Williams

67 Mr Nifty Styles

68 Mrs Patricia Chan

69 Mr Roland Preece

70 Mr Mike Riley

71 Mr Robert Grigsby

169 Mrs Lynda Preece






75 Mr Graham Ford

76 Mr Adam Hay

77 Mr Darrell South



Mark D

Comp Sec *cool*


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