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Garage clutter


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The following might be of use to someone and so stop me needing to move it because it's always on top of what I'm after!


Heated windscreen in alloy finish plus stanchions, small stone chip down low on passenger side, sure it would repair, elbow grease needed on frame to remove flies.


Hood and side doors, windows going a bit opaque but rest sound, hood sticks as well.- SOLD to Jingars


Standard roll bar, padded but not covered, removed the previous cover, it was green!


Offers 🤔





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Edited by - sandboy on 19 May 2008 13:21:28

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Any idea what you want for the windscreen?

I'm in Nottingham M1 J25 but could perhaps get a mate of mine to collect unless you know anyone that travels the M1?


Editted to say I meant to PM - So, YHM *wink*


Edited by - Sandy on 12 May 2008 19:45:25

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Thanks for interest guys *smile*


Sandy/jingars, I have e-mailed you back.


Jack flash, standard i.e. not fia, off a 94 de dion.


ChrisL, from a std chassis, looking for £100 plus postage, they're £300-£400 from cc

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Unfortunately I think your rollover bar is too young for my car. To my knowledge in 1994 the 2 vertical tubes of the DD rollover bar were slightly under an angle. Correct ?


I am looking for the type were the vertical tubes meet the horizontal tube under a 90° angle to use it as a starting point for a special rollover bar for my LA short cockpit. The type I am looking for was in use in the seventies and eighties, probably untill Caterham started with the K series in 1991.


I hope I am expressing myself clearly. *eek* Could you check your rollover bar and give me feedback ?



Jack Flash


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Jack Flash, I'll take plenty of photos tomorrow evening and hopefully they might help you determine if it's what your after.


Sandy, Got your e-mail, no offense but i'll wait to see if a better offer comes along.



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