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Bargain Tillets


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What on earth is going on? First they were on PH, then they "sold" now they're in the 'bay. *confused*

Sold on by the bloke who snapped 'em up off PH or just readvertised?

Either way, it's MK for me! Saw a set at ReHaB on Wednesday. Very nice, and half the price. *thumbup*


Let's fire up the Crossflow.


Edited by - Cannonball Bob on 17 May 2008 19:21:06

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It's definately the same guy who advertised them on pistonheads, same name, location, photos etc. The ebay advert refers to a timewaster when previously advertised.

More like his price was too low and he wanted an out to put the price up somewhere else, wasted alot of people's time no doubt.

Bob have you managed to find any photos of the other tillet type seats, all I can find is the price *confused*


Edited by - paul abrahams on 17 May 2008 20:15:42

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