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New Job?

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Hello all!


I'm not sure I can bear to suffer another summer working in a greenhouse with Wyevale. I am embarassed to admit I am the shop floor manager at our branch, given how shocking the place looks following a year with a store manager who has openly admitted he wasn't the right person for the job and who succeeded in spreading the staff too thin and running the store into the ground.


Our new store manager starts in a couple weeks so things may improve; and our regional has asked me to apply for deputy manager positions at larger stores should one become available; but I've lost all enthusiasm for the company, as much as I enjoyed the environment originally.


Does anyone have any suggestions for something new to try? I'm studying music with the OU at the minute with a view to go into teaching but am in the very early stages at the minute. Would love to get a trade under my belt, too. My CV is here if anyone is interested.


Perhaps you can think of something I haven't. Curly Wurly's owed to anyone with a good suggestion!


my flickr!

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[serious HR Manager hat on]Given the amount that we GTD's have spent in Garden Centres between Chichester and Worthing recently, I wish I'd known you worked in that one!


For what it's worth, as you used to enjoy it there, I'd hang in for a few more months. With a new manager things are likely to improve - and if it is being suggested that you apply for a promotion, then that is a good thing.


Looking at your CV I think that it would be sensible to get to the next step up where you are. When you get to that level you can then apply for more senior jobs outside of the garden centre world, if you choose to do so. You have already got Wyevales to the point where they can see you being promoted - if you go elsewhere, you will have to wait until you have shown them that. [replaces beer drinking helmet]



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Windy: It's not the classroom I'm aiming for - would like to teach an instrument.


GTD: thanks for the advice. Do you work in HR? I did apply for the Store Manager position myself, in order to show willing. It's because of this that the Regional has asked me to apply for a Deputy position at a higher turnover store. There aren't any available locally in Wyevale at the minute altho' there is one in the local Pets At Home but I've not heard anything back after my web browser managed to apply six or seven times on my behalf!


Apparently our new man starts on Monday. Can't say I'm looking forward to showing him around.


my flickr!

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Can't say I'm looking forward to showing him around


HAd that a year ago

I've managed the situation and now I'm enjoying work more than I have in many years


Remeber he is new and prob everybody else is anti his interferance after all they know how to do thier job better than anybody


Let him in , show him around with confidence and friendlyness, answer the same question 10 times in 3 weeks etc

Everybody else just ignores / baulks etc


My boss is now managable and more importantly I'm mentored not managed


All because I answered his tedious e mails / arranged a few things and everybody else ignored him!!!



Mission accomplished

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Do you work in HR?
Well, others would argue that I am qualified in HR, but that the sweat of honest toil is a stranger to my brow these days! *wink*


So yes really - though these days I specialise in the IT software that HR and Payroll needs to operate. Better than doing interviews day in day out!


Would that be Pets at Home in Rustington? If you do end up there, could you make them restock the large duck food bags again - they only seem to do the little bags these days!


What instrument do you want to teach (Davis, leave it *nono*) - you could be doing that in your spare time for, ahem, cash already perhaps? It took ages to find a guitar teacher round here and though he is very nice, he's not the best teacher in the world!

It would also be a way of finding out if you prefer doing that.


Some years ago I did the City &Guilds 730 course through Adult Ed in Surrey - this is a 'Teaching Adult Learners' course, and looking at some of the teachers on here seems to be useful. It would be worth seeing if you could do that course locally as well?


Good advice from Delbert on managing your boss - I always think that a good sense of humour, confidence in your own ability and recognition that until proved otherwise, most people are OK really and deserve a bit of slack at first, makes for a good working relationship!


Warning - no Caterham content here

No Eco town here please

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Deputy Manger position is the one in Worthing, for a couple grand more than I'm on at the minute. Rustington are looking for a Store Manager according to the careers page but I think that's a bit beyond my scope! It was a couple weeks ago now and I haven't heard anything so I figure that's a dead end.


It took me an ill chosen engineering course to realise that Mother was right and I should have listened to my tutor and taken my music studies further. I can play trumpet - although I'm out of practice - but I'm teaching myself and a couple friends guitar at the minute and it's this that I'd like to build proficiency on while I'm doing retail management with a view to teaching in the longer term. I'm using the OU course to get improve my keyboard skills and get the theory side down given I've always been better at the practical side.


The City and Guilds course looks interesting. I'll bear that on in mind.


my flickr!

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