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CSR200 Diff ratio


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I seem to recall that the standard (or "performance") CC rear ratio for the 6-speed was 3.9:1, while 3.62:1 was what CC calls their "touring" option.


I do know that the 3.38:1 ("super-touring"?) ratio that Alex Wong and I have opted for is a special-order item at considerable extra cost..... (and by some accounts, difficult to find).


There is also a very scarce 3.14:1 rear ratio built for the Sierra differential -- the "super-duper touring" option, perhaps??






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The 3.38 should be standard on all CSRs unless specified differently by the buyer, but I believe there was talk that some may have been supplied with one of the more standarard ratios in error. I wonder if CC will be able to check their build and supply records for your chassis number and tell you what was supplied?


Paul J.

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I am running 245/40x15 CR500s


On std narry cars the 3.92 was used with the 5 speed as it had an over driven 5th and the 3.62 was used with the 6 speed.


The origional CSR broshure states the 6 speed should have the 3.38 and the 5 speed the 3.92


Acording to gearcalc at 80mph with the 3.38 diff I should be doing 4000 rpm so I need to double check my speedo


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