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Rear Pad change on SLR


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I'd class myself as technically below average (too much time thinking, not enough doing) and I'd like to change my rear pads.


Is there a FAQ or tech sheet to do this - never worked on Ford Calipers before !


Looks like loosen the two bolts and lift caliper away, but handbrake cable looks like it is in the way....


Wanted to go for a blat tomorrow (aeroscreen now on), so maybe this will have to wait....


Muchos gracias


Dayglo Yellow / Carbon Superlight R No.29 (VHPD)

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If it is the standard Ford rear caliper like my 2002 Roadsport SV, then yes - much as you say. Watch you don't damage the brake hose (unless it is a flexible). Have to turn the piston to screw it in to the caliper to make room for the new pads. Careful use of angle grinder disc-change spanner, long nose pliers or correct Ford wind-back tool (from car shops like Halfords). If you use the LNP, don't tear the dust seal, or stab your hand !!!


On mine, the handbrake cable stayed attached throughout the process.


7 related photos


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Stunning - exactly what I was looking for and confirms that, without the windback tool, I'd be better not starting this. Recollection of past-time doing pad changes with the old-man suggests I need a more competent hand and tools.


My pads look like the top version (more than half worn), so a quick blat in the morning and call for help.....


Grazie !


Dayglo Yellow / Carbon Superlight R No.29 (VHPD)

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