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I hqte french keyboqrds


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I like the French *thumbup* and Francais *wavey*


They make yummy cheese, food, wine, and *smokin* anywhere they damn well feel like it! *tongue*


They also put up with the massive Brit invasion of Le Mans every year and 🥰 our silly little cars 😬


Someone once said... if your friends don't like garlic, then change your friends! *wink*


Admittedly... They don't wash often enough & have an aversion to deodorant, and the girlies don't shave *eek* ... but hey! Live & let live - They have a LOT going for them! (and their footy team ARE in the European Championship) *rolleyes*


*arrowright*Get a Mosaic Poster of YOUR car and help Nuke the Leuk here *arrowleft*


*arrowright*Pictures here *arrowleft*

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If she really is going to marry Cagey, it offers a very poor report on French opticians!


Generally, I am of similar opinion to Fletch:

lovely cheese

great wine


It is a pity they give you really odd looks when you say that you don't eat meat! This is despite the cheese, a climate admirably suited to growing great veggies.




They are even won a silver medal when there was an Olympic cricket competition!

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Or some Lancashire





Or a tasty, crumbly Cheshire





Or Wensleydale





Or a nice Double Gloucester



Maybe some nice creamy Caerphilly (even if it is imported from the other side of the Seven bridge.

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You think you are eating vegetarian food when you are in France? *wink*


Most people think that means you need the meqt chopped up smaller, so you don't know it is there 😳


Only dead fish go with the flow....!

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Love the wine

Love the food

Love Normandy

and like anywhere, I like most of the french. I do try to speak, very badly may I add, french. They seem appreciate the attempt, and I usually get good service/ responses. But, I really don't think they get our little cars. In all my travels it's the one country that the seven doesn't start a conversation. *confused*



Red and Black 1.8K

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