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OT Civic Air con pump - how difficult to fit?


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As per the post really...I can undo nuts and bolts, poke things etc but dont ask me to lap a valve!!


The air con pump has broken on our 02 reg civic:-


1. Whats the best way to get prices for a second hand one from a breakers yard? Im in Glasgow.


2. How hard are they to remove/fit - or where do i find out how to do it?


3. Apparently if i do it myself i still have to get the system "degassed" before i take it apart...does this really mean its actually easy to do and you loosen a cap somewhere to let the gas out or does it mean there would be a loud explosion and loss of eyebrows!?


Any thoughts/comments gratefully received..upto and including jokes about the necessity of air con in Scotland...



my mind is blank....

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