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aero whiskers


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...... but seriously, I've not done this job, but how about .....


Use masking tape around the mounting point to form an outline. Then use Sikaflex (or Tigerseal) and bond ( 😬) the wing in place, allow to cure only slightly then remove the tape to leave a clean bonded edge 🤔




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Ah, just done it...


Mine's a series 3 car (not SV/CSR) and the S3 has shorter whiskers. Only issue (Caterham supplies a good paper template to show where they go) is that the bit that bonds to the car is flat, whereas the nosecone surface is anything but flat.


I carefully (measure twice; cut once) marked out where they should go, on masking tape to reduce the risk of damage, then cut a slot, using a Dremel to start and then a hacksaw and finally a very fine file to enlarge the slot to the right size.


Then lots of araldite to bond the whiskers to the inside of the nosecone.


I noticed a CSR (I think) had the whiskers bonded to the outside but with the curves of the S3 nosecone, difficult to see how you could get it to look right.


Good luck!



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I have fitted these by inserting 2 rivnuts on each side of the nosecone and then bolting the whiskers on. I have to confess there was very little science in setting the attack angle of these little devices, more finding the flatest portion of the nosecone that also looked about right. The hardest bit was making sure that each side was positioned the same.


I can take some snaps if it is of any use.


*arrowright* *arrowright*Harry Flatters *arrowright* *arrowright* *thumbup*

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Yes Rob, I can see the CSR wings would have some effect. But the whiskers.....a bit of BS me thinks. Although I stand to be corrected. I wonder what CC's R&D consisted of? "Er, they look about right, up a bit, down a bit, that's it, that looks about right" ! Call me cynical. 😬


Academics are seldom any use at engineering. One must have a mistrust of theorists. (Keith Duckworth)

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I can apreciate the fact that some folks like the look, but I think I'd spend my 47 quid on somthing usefull.

Maybe some of those flourescent blue lighting strips. *tongue*


Academics are seldom any use at engineering. One must have a mistrust of theorists. (Keith Duckworth)

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Having fitted them to my car and measured the change on the corner weight scales, the 4 post dynamic rig and the wind tunnel at Mira. I can confirm that they provide 42grams of downforce and have a minor effect on front / rear distribution. Downforce is crucially affected by the fastening method. If you use stainless steel bolts then you can gain an extra 70% downforce bringing the total to more then 71grams.


I'm concerned that the zeus clips will shear or that more bugs will be on my headlamps after an evening blat 😬


here is C7 TOP

Taffia rear gunner


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You must be talking about static downforce here *confused*


How much upforce do they produce dynamicly? And at which speed? You must be able to check this in your suspension data-log *tongue*

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