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Which Magnecor ignition leads for VVC?


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I'm replacing the standard Lucas leads with some nice KV85 Magnecor ones, but I'm struggling to find out which ones I need?


I have a 150bhp VVC, which I think is a EU3 (even though it's from Feb 2000). But the distrubutorless sets (i.e. what should be an EU3) seem to be 2 lead sets. I have 4 leads going into what I always thought was a dizzy cap?!


The closest match I can find on the Magnecor site is the MGF 1.8i 16v DOHC (VVC eng) set, which is the same part number as that for the Elise 111S 1.8 VVC. Is this the right one? The later VVC's (S2 Elise for example) talk about a 2 lead set, which makes me think that that must be for an EU3?


I'm confused *confused*


Where am I?

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I just happen to have a set of 4 Blue Magnecor HT leads for a VVC sat in a box in the garage.


Yours for £45:00 on a try them, like them, buy them basis & P & P, if they don't fit send them back.




How do you get the dead flies off your teeth....... 😬 R5AAH

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