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93 vintage wiring question


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Spent a frustrating evening staring at the loom and the wiring diagram on my 93 LA *mad*. I'm trying to do a few mods on the wiring; nothing very complicated. I know what I want to do, I just can't see how to do it.


1. I've fitted an electric pump, but it's currently driven off the white side of the coil (white is switched unfused +ve) with an inline 5A fuse. The wiring (white and black earth) comes through the tunnel, up into the dash area and out through the bulkhead grommet. Messy, and I need to put in a fuel cutout switch too, which means wires weaving their way in and out of the bulkhead.


2. I want to fit an override switch for the fan (overheating in this hot weather *cool*)


The easiest way to do this is to use a pair of relays for the pump and the fan, and use the switched +ve to drive the relays and provide the needed power.


But I can't find an easy source for this switched unfused +ve behind the dash. Options are;

*arrowright*break into the loom. Don't want to go that route, as I've just patched it up after hacking out the Vecta immobiliser.

*arrowright*Hacking into the fuse box. Means I need to remove the heater as the screw heads are shrouded by it.

*arrowright*I could add another wire onto the ignition switch, but it's got a shroud on the rear, and I don't know if there's a spare bayonet on it; the wiring diagram suggests that the two available are occupied.


🤔Any suggestions?




Alex McDonald


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I think you'll have to put a piggyback connector onto the back of the ignition switch. Its very tight in there and you'll be hanging upside down in the footwell doing it. Crimp a Lucar piggyback connector onto your new wire and then push on one of the existing wires off the switch and the whole thing onto the vacated contact IYSWIM. Good idea re the impact switch for the fuel pump. Mines mounted on the bulkhead on the engine bay side.



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