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Bilstien shock question

Mike C

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My 1993 VX HPC is just about to get the widetrack treatment. At the same time, I will replace the shocks with adjustable platform Bilsteins. I'm hoping to get a set of these which were originally off a 2001 superlight.


Will these fit OK?





Mike C

No longer K9 JPE

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Mike, bit of a hijack but what are you doing with the springs/shocks you're taking off and are they ok? Mine are probably a bit tired after almost 60k miles.


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I think is is a question of length. 😳


The top mounting points for the shocks on the newer cars (post-1998/1999) moved higher up whereas the early models it was level with the top wishbone pivot. The 2001 car shocks may be too long for you. You probably need to check yours and the donor car.



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Note, if you are replacing the rear shocks at the same time, the rear mounting points changed around the same time. The earlier versions had a lower mounting point through the dedion tube, while the newer versions have a mounting point below the dedion tube.


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