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Time to part - but what's it worth

Paul White

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I have decided that it is time to say goodbye to my 7 as it's too much of a distraction at the moment ☹️


The trouble is that it's a bit unusual due to upgradeitis and i'm not sure how to value it; is there any chance of some unbiased opinion (and no, I'm not going to believe the £1.50 comments).


Nov 2001 VX Beaulieu #16 Supersprint (1800).

Now 2.0L 8V with Byldenstein High Port head (ported & larger valves)

(this was considerably more complicated than it sounds)

149 bhp, 145lbft torque. New engine has done about 2000 miles

Ford English (RS 2000) axle with Quaife ATB.

Currently with Brooklands screens but have full weather gear.

New Leather seats, New Caterham 4-point harnesses +Spare leather seats

Spare original engine(15,000 miles is still in perfect condition, needs head or can fit 2.0L)

2 extra sets of wheels, 2 sets of track tyres & 1.5 extra sets of road tyres.


Might keep the no plate for a future car when I can afford the distraction!


There are many other spares but that's the bulk of it.


K80 ROM - Beaulieu Supersprint #16


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