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Starter button wiring diagram


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While I'll doing everything else with the Seven, I'm going to fit the starter button I've had sitting about for nearly a year. The link on the FAQ has had the wiring diagram for the 'retained key' option removed? Can anyone please send me a wiring diagram for this option before I hack away at the ignition wires blind?


Cheers in advance,



Where am I?

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Simply identify (with a meter) which wire on the ignition switch becomes +12V when the key is turned to the starter position (purely from memory I recall it being red/white ?). Remove this from the ignition switch terminal and connect it to one side of the starter button. Run a new wire from the other side of the starter button to an ignition-switched +12V on the ignition switch - again, use the meter to find one ... .I recall there is a spare terminal available to use. Job done.
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SM25, I seem to recall mine (on the shelf 5 years later) is a bit more complicated than that!


Best go and have a butchers I suppose, will report back asap.


> Back already!


Yes, mine's from 'Demon Tuning', a Honda S2000 style large red button.


Comes with wiring harness, 4 pin relay, connectors etc and TWO stickers for the button in case you get it wrong first time, saying "Engine Start".


On mine, I have as follows....I think SM25's wiring scheme is for replacing the key with the button, where mine allows either to be used. I may be wrong, I'm clueless with wiring.









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Cheers guys,


I will run a Switch in series with the ignition switch so that I can isolate the ignition/power via the dash. The Starter button takes its feed from the Brown "hot" leads and other side connect to the starter solenoid... a bit cold in the garage today though... brrr



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No snap lock here.... horrible things, I used proper spade connectors. I decided to wire the Start buttong with its live feed from T15 so that the key needs to be in and the ignition on before the switch becomes Hot.


All wired in and looking good, just putting the scuttle back on now.



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