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Drivetrain Clunk

Andy Honnor

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I have had my 1600Roadsport for 8 months now and have noticed that the clunk from the drive train when the engine loads or un-loads the rear wheels is getting louder (or I could be growing a heavier right foot?). This w/e I had the car on rear axle stands and in-gear. Lying on my back and trying to rotate the rear wheels fore and aft there apears to be a clunk from somewhere where the propshaft joins the gearbox (probably inside the gearbox). I don't think it is the UJs. I am expecting a TADTS reply, however, somewhere on an old post it talked about adjusting the gearbox for backlash - what does this mean. Any ideas?? Thank you all. *thumbup*
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Have you actually ruled out UJ's before going deeper? Are they fully greased?


My diff is very noisy, but then my straight cut gearbox drowns out the diff *eek*




White road legal 2.0 HPC VX race car 😬

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My standard 2005 de-dion diff flange outer edge turns about 7mm before taking up drive. I called into 2 local garages & they said it was acceptable.


Out of interest I also tried this on my mx5, same results but doesn't clunk like the 7 😬

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