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Crossflow starter motor + new radiator

pete east

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Need the above bits for Seven, but dont have a low flying to hand.

There is an ad for more powerful (and hopefully smaller starter motors) for crossflows, which appears each month in Low flying. My existing starter has become unreliable, and in any case looks like it has been made from the boiler of a small steam locomotive. Does anyone here at the moment (a) have the contact phone number (b) Know if the units on offer `are' smaller than the almost dustbin sized OE unit, and © how much they cost?

Also need a new rad for the Seven which is a 1989 - 1990 chassis. The original rad is in the car, and still intact, but I suspect its not all that efficient, Having been across the States in My Brothers Seven which dealt with staggering temperatures including the Mohave Desert without any problems, mine seems to head for the electic fan as soon as the ambient temp goes slightly above freezing. Are the new aluminium rads of bigger capacity/better efficiency than my old brass lump? Any idea how much a ali rad is likely to be these days from someone who has just bought one?

as usual any comments even rude ones would be welcome!

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starters - contact Dick Dixon (Dikko) from the Herts area: 01920 871 153


Cooling: with an ali rad the temp on my Crossflow dropped by nearly 10oC on average. In the winter I need a fair bit of gaffer tape across the grill to ensure a decent running temp! Used the Caterham item.


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GJT - Many thanks for your reply. Your description of the effect of using the Ali rad with the crossflow sounds very promising. As mine is an 89 chassis, is there a particular radiator I would need without having to change the silicone hoses.

Also although it doesnt seem all that efficient ,it looks as though my original old brass radiator would have much greater water capacity, than the new thin ali ones, do think this might be an issue with regard keeping the crossflow cool?



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Sometime ago I thought about changing my x/flow rad to an ali one because I managed to break off the drain plug.


After much research etc I decided on keeping my old rad (as these are repairable (to a degree) and I believe the ali ones are not repairable?). AFAIK there were two types of old rad (made by Covrad *confused*) and I have the much thicker one (from memory the header is nearly 3" thick). I got it repaired for £30 (significantly cheaper than buying a new ali rad) and Ive never really had any cooling issues with it. Although I have installed a manual over-ride switch to turn the fan on when in traffic.


Finally, the old style rad fan on the x/flow does seem rather inept for the job, so I've invested in a Pacet fan which looks far more efficient (only time will tell).


Hope this helps


Chris Alston

C7CAT 1800 Supersprint

R248.89 *tongue* ....and then I jumped in *eek*

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Aeroscreens thanks for your reply also. I really dont know what to make of the cooling on my Seven, In the winter it seems the needle hardly gets off the stop, no matter how far or hard I drive, but in the summer, the moment there is a hint of warmth in the air, and the needle climbs to the 90 mark, almost as soon as I slow down in traffic resulting in the elec fan kicking in.

To be fair there have only been a few times where the temp continued to rise even after the elec fan had started,and where I have had to consider pulling over to the side of the road, but because I know it is possible for a crossflow to behave itself in places like the mohave desert, its all the more annoying that mine wants to cook in the relatively mild temps we get here.

All the other aspects such as timing, mixture as far as I know with the jetting I have now, and tappets etc are OK, But its something I definately want to fix one way or another.

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having read your postings I would recommend

a/.talking to RADTEC about a replacement radator,

b/. I'd check the thermostat that you have installed (possibly?) - (aim to get a 74degree one - this is a standard recommendation and available from redline), and

c/. fit as big a fan as you can. SVC can supply at reasonable cost - and know how large you can realistically go without too much hassle.

I would also agree with previous posting about fitting a fan over-ride switch. You will need a relay for this, and might need a bit of a ponder about the wiring, but it is a worthwhile mod - even if just for peace of mind.


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