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Getting yourself in 'spotted'

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I've given up posting spotted's ... all the one's I see round here never reply.


Months ago, after several minutes of dazzling a chap in front of me with my headlights, I even wrote 'spotted' backwards on a bit of paper (not easy when you're driving!! 😳) and still I didn't get a response on the the thread ... I find that just as frustrating!!



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Back before spotteds were moved to their own area they used to be put into chitchat and it was much more common to get a response


I too have given up posting as I think I only ever got one response and that was from someone other than the driver of the car


Supercheese R250


Caterham pictures here 😬

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Don't even have a seven and was spotted in the first few days of having it...


...the sound of Seven combined with Delbert shouting BOOOOOooooooooooonnniieee as we passed each other on the Huntingdon outer ringroad..brings tears to my eyes. Would have completed the pic if we had high fived as we crossed...but then I don't thing GTD would ever let me near his seven again 😬

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too busy pointing and laughing


Children ran and hid as the "worlds slowest caterham ever" passes by


Well we say ran and hid but some of the primary school children had to shave by the time it was out of sight 😬


Granted "the worlds fastest Caterham " was normally transported the same way 😬


divorced alcoholic 4x wives and a fosters child

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Well it went alot quicker today on the trailer than it is capable of under its on steam (steam being the opperative word). I did start it up to load onto the trailer, now I know what a bag of nails really sounds like, keep telling the wife to expect a large bill but she doesn't believe how BIG it could be.


Thread hijack - thats a quality signature you got there Del, wearing your past with pride I see *tongue*



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