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switching to injection from carbs - crankwheel setup

Julian Thompson

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I know the crank wheel setup on the honda blackbird has been a tricky one which has been overcome by the manufacturers of the various ECU's such as DTA and Emerald.


I am using the DTA product but don't have a cam sensor, since my engine is based upon a carburettered unit.


So I think (can't 100% remember) that my motor has a 12 tooth crank wheel with NO missing teeth. (Can't check now because it's all fitted to the engine but for sure the haynes book shows a 12 tooth wheel with no missing teeth!) This means I'm buggered as far as I can see - I will need to take the wheel back off and hack off a tooth in order to generate a pulse.


My question is - how did the carb setup know when to fire the sparks if there is no cam sensor AND no missing teeth? *confused* *confused*


Any help on this one greatfully received since I was planning to fit the motor this week and now may not be able to. ☹️

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Thanks Neal - it's distributorless - and no other means I can see from either the engine or the wiring diagram of detecting TDC.


I guess there just must be some missing teeth. Damn it that I wasn't paying attention when I bolted it all together. ☹️ Big question is - how many teeth and how many missing *confused*

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