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DR2 Video recording levels


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So got the bullet cam in, what should I config it at 🤔

• Lowest quality: Records video at 2Mb/s bitrate.

• Medium quality: Records video at 4Mb/s bitrate.

• High quality: Records video at 6Mb/s bitrate.

• Highest quality: Records video at 8Mb/s bitrate.

The recorded file size is dependent on the complexity of the scene being recorded. The

following are estimated recording times:

• Lowest quality: 60 min/GB

• Medium quality: 40 min/GB

• High quality: 25 min/GB

• Highest quality: 15 min/GB


should I go for the highest and worry about compressing afterwards if needs be *confused* thinking of any club dvd / awards demo....


my only concern is running about of space on the 2mb card 😳 or maybe I should just buy a bigger card *tongue*



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I'm hoping you have a 2GB card not a 2MB one 😳 I think at the highest quality level you'll get almost an hour of recording on that size card but I could be wrong. You could upgrade, decent 8GB cards seem to be about £30-40 and even the most expensive isn't much more than £55. There are 16GB cards available as well now.


Rob G




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