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Cycle Wing - bonding adhesive advice

Martin McC

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I am in the middle of replacing the cycle wings on my Roadsport. Previously had set screwed onto wing struts but they developed classical cracking. Caterham have sent me "Terostat 9220 Power Adhesive".

Now the silly questions! 1. The canister doen't appear to fit a standard culking gun. There sounds like balls in the base. Does anyone know what I am supposed to do with it?? (Careful now!)

2. Any advice re attaching the wings with stuff? I realise that I'll need to remove power coating on the struts prior to application.

3. Any idea how long it takes to cure?

Martin *confused*

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You need to cut the base of the tube. The balls will then fall out and the tube will fit your gun! The balls are to keep things dry in the tube.


I personally would not remove the powdercoat. That stuff is very strong and there is a lot of water there under the arches so your struts will corrode quickstix I think if you bare the metal off. They'll glue fine to the paint.


I would suggest that while the stuff is set after 24 hours it is still 'soft'. I normally leave the mastic at least 3 days before I consider it set through to the core and up to full strength. *thumbup*

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I'd do not like the idea of sticking the wings on. There have been many posting relating to ''my stuck on wings have come off whilst driving''. This sort of thing worries me when you imagine the damage that can happen if the wing hits you or soemone else and I don't mean damage to the wing.

Screw them on, but don't overtighten the fixings and the wings will not craze.



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I must admit that the idea seems strange gluing them on. Apparently all the new Caterham's use this method. I have attached them now, but will watch closely for any separation. (I have ordered new bolts anyway!!)




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I've had bonded on wings for almost 7 years and never had any problems. It is down to the preperation of the wing stay and the type of glue used, having said that I have replaced my wings a couple of times in that period as they got chipped and generally damaged.


The latest set I'm just putting on now will be fitted using the big head fastners from an earlier Blatchat bulk buy.




Rob G


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Don't bother removing the powder coat. Apply a substantial beed of adhesive to the top of the wing stays and position the wings in place. Allow to dry slighty, 15 minutes is fine, then add more adhesive to completely seal in the metal stay to the underside of the wing - a sort of knitting action across the whole assembly. This not only uses the bonding strength of the adhesive over a much bigger area, but also eliminates any issues with the powder coat failing. The area bonded at each contact point should be at least 40mm wide using this method.




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Checking the adhesion of the wings should be part of the routine maintenance by any owner ...


it is easy to check if they are about to fly off ...


just pull them if they stay in your hand rather than on the car well, then your bonding is no good 😬

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