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Tillet style seats and Petty struts.

Neal Worth

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I'm looking at getting rid of the bench seats from my car and replacing them with something along the lines of the Caterham/Tillet style seats.

The question is. My car is fitted with an early single diagonal FIA style bar with petty strut. Would the passenger headrest on the tillet style seats foul the strut?

Cockpit floor is non-lowered and the passenger seat would be fixed and non-adjustable.



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As Rob says, it doesn't fit. My passenger seat is fixed and the strut will foul on it. I haven't investigated tilting the seat backwards by adding washers to the front mounting but this might give you enough room to get the strut in place.

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Cheers guys. That sorts that out then. *smile*


Looking at the Tillet website I saw that they do a low back versions. I suppose I could always fit one of those for the passenger with a FIA headrest and have the highbacked version for the driver only.


As a matter of interest, I picked up a flyer from Stoneleigh for Triton Race Products. They do a range of seats in the Caterham/Tillet style. Has anybody used them? or knows of anyone who has? Their prices are quite competitive compared to Caterham and Tillet.

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??? *confused*


Is it not an academic question whether the passenger seat will fit with a petty strut in place as one cannot use the seat if the strut is fitted?


Why not just whip the seat out on occasions when the petty strut is required?





6SpeedManual *smokin*

*tongue*There's no such thing as too much BHP per Ton 😬

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