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R500 Rear light clusters: what manufacturer?


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The New R500 uses clear lenses with coloured bulbs. The old R500 uses a std item available from Stafford or similar They are even available on the Westfield On line spares *eek*



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So, do Caterham now have a supplier of "legal" red bulbs?



I guess they must have as if not, how do they plan to get the car through the SVA with non legal (non "e" maked) bulbs which seem to be currently availailable 🤔


I'm hoping they have identified a legal bulb as the light units look the dogs danglied *thumbup*






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see my post on the parallel thread here. If there really is no E-marked red bulb then I'd prefer a red/clear cluster instead of a clear/clear cluster, after all you have to have a red reflector element so a bit more red isn't the worst thing.


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