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Noisy slip diff

Martin Hay-Plumb

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200 miles on the clock and first blat to Stoneleigh yesterday - everything seemd fine except the diff (LSD) is noisy/whiney under power. Is it a case of TADT or should I investigate it futher? I know 7's are noisy, but the diff is posbly the noisyest thing on the car?? *confused*




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Hi Martin


The LSD function is not making any difference to the sound. The whine (demented bacon slicer sound) is from the meshing of the crown wheel and the pinion. Variations in build tolerance can make some noisier than others so it may be possible to get it reset and improve the situation, but as mentioned above a lot of the noise heard is due to lack of sound insulation and close proximity of the unit....


On a slightly different note:

When driving my 7 I wear disposable yellow foam E-A-R (brand) protective ear plugs. I can still hear plenty to enjoy the soundtrack when driving, but the combination of exhaust, induction, transmission whine, tyre noise and turbulent airflow is better excluded from my one set per lifetime of ears. Short term tinnitus after blatting is a sign of potential to cause permanent damage. At least one 7er I know has full time tinnitus suspected to be from noise in his car.





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When I first drove my new car I thought the diff noise was horrendous. I've now worked out it's mostly the gearbox, having changed from a nice quiet 5sp in the old car to a noisy 6sp in the new. There's been quite a lot of discussion about this, particularly th whine caused in 4th!



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  • 2 months later...

Hello people.


Thought my LSD was noisy but being a Caterham virgin and reading threads like this one was convinced that TADTS.

Just back from 1st 12 month service at Caterham Midlands and after it was road tested was told it was one of the worst sounding diffs. they had heard *thumbdown*


Good news is they have ordered me a new one under warranty *thumbup*


Oulton Park track day next Tuesday, hope it holds out *confused*


Just got to get it back to them.... again, when the new LSD arrives 🙆🏻Bit of a treck.



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My diff has become stupidly loud of late and upon talking to a knowledgeable person in the building of diffs and gearboxes a couple of days ago, he opined that CC supplied diffs frequently have the bearing pre-load way too tight, resulting in all manner of 'orrible noises.


Mine will be out soon for a major overhaul, followed by the gearbox I fear, but just waiting to see how much a properly built diff quietens things down before committing.

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Road and Race put in my AP suretrack / set it up in 2003 - it is still very quiet today.

If it's down to the crown wheel and the pinion then I must have a good'un.


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My 2002/2003 racing pics


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The Caterham supplied one in my CSR is still as quiet as a mouse, 3 years down the line and with around 9000 miles on it. *wink* It was a rebuilt one, set up by Road and Race specially for CC, with a low preload I believe. So it may be a case of SOTDTS [some of Them Do That Sir] but not TADTS and Darrens' experience may be worth noting.


Paul J.

Loud pipes save lives, but quiet ones save your hearing.

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