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Oil pressure sender


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I plan to start my car today for the first time but I'm not sure how to wire the oil pressure sender (caerbont) to confirm all is well prior to firing it up.


I have Caterham standard gauges and the sender is from caterham but I did not purchase the engine or engine loom from them so I'm using the R400 wiring diagram to trace the wires from the grey plug (chassis loom) to the pressure gauge etc..


The sender has 3 wires white, black , red - I guess the white is the signal wire to the gauge and red and black are power, is this 12v?


Can anyone help?


Thanks Andrew




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I have connected as detailed above, but the gauge reads backwards.


At tickover I have about 2.2volts, and when reving the voltage goes up to around 4.2volts. What have done wrong? and with the voltage above is my oil pressure OK?


My engine is running very rough wih the alpha ECU but thats another story, at least it started.



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