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1993 dedion brake discs


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Hello Blatchatters *wavey*


I went to fit my newly aquired set of Mintex front pads and realised my front discs had ridges that would interfere with the slightly larger pads. I then bought a faceplate for my lathe and made a fixture so the discs they could be accurately skimmed. They need about 1mm off each side.


I have since found out that my local motor factor can supply a pair of Triumph Spitfire discs for £30!....so I ordered a pair 😔. My current intention is to fit the new discs on the front with the Mintex pads, skim the old discs and fit them to the back with new std pads.


I have a couple of questions.


1. Are the front discs the same as the back discs? (I know I could take the wheels off and look *rolleyes*)

2. Is a reasonable lathe cut surface o.k. for discs (it's nowhere as polished as the old surface).

3. Are all replacement discs the same? The pattern discs I fitted to my Peugeot 205 didn't seem to last as long as the originals, but we were talking of 50K between changes!






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Yes, the discs are the same front and rear.

Would taking a further 2mm off already worn discs take them below the minimum thickness? For the extra £30 I would rather have new discs all round.

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Cheers Ged,


I don't know, what is the minimum thickness? As I was up until 1 in the morning making my disc skimming fixture, I thought I'd give it a go!


I have a wind back tool, how hard is it to remove rear discs? The fronts take me about 15 mins per side.



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