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Wiring up my Brise alternator


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having cooked the last one I have a replacement Brise alternator.


The previous alternator had 2 wires coming out of the rear .. this one has three wires.


I spoke to Brise a week or so ago and was told that the wires are:


Green - Ignition

Red - Warning

Blue - Battery Sense


So ... the green goes to the brown and yellow wire and the red goes to the white and red wire.


Where does the blue one connect to, if anywhere at all *confused*



Also, is it necessary that the alternator output cable goes to the starter solenoid or is this just to reduce the amount of cable, using the battery to starter cable to complete the route to the battery positive terminal rather than having a continuous cable from alternator to battery 🤔





Keep off the straight and narrow *tongue* 😬

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Either directly to the battery (optimal)


Or to the output of the alternator, but then you won't have the benefit of sensing the voltage drop over the wire to the battery



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I'm slightly lost there Regin *confused*


Are you referring to my question regarding the blue wire 🤔


If so, what is it's function exactly, is it a feedback to the regulator on what the voltage is actually like at the battery terminal 🤔


Keep off the straight and narrow *tongue* 😬

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I was referring to the blue wire.


But I also missing to tell that the red needs to be connected to the brown/yellow and the green needs a switched +12v via the ignition switch.



- Sorry. A long day with a bad back!

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Still forgetting to answer the question completely...


I'm an 🙆🏻


The reason for the blue wire is that if you want to treat your battery with optimal charging, then you need to know the voltage across the battery, not the voltage at the alternator.



Hope it makes sense...

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Don't worry .. I'm being completely thick *rolleyes*


So .... the blue wire needs to be connected directly to the battery positive, which then gives a battery voltage feedback to the regulator.


Have I got it 🤔


Keep off the straight and narrow *tongue* 😬

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Blue directly on battery +12v terminal

Green +12v via ign switch

Red warning lamp - connect to Brown / Yellow


This works on my car.


If it's too much hassle to connect to the battery there's a few workarounds, but you don't want to do that for the saving of 40cm 0.5sq mm wire when it's so much better to do it properly.

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