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Earth on new R400


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We were looking at a new R400 yesterday which wouldn't start. It was getting power everywhere but the injectors wern't firing. Eventually traced to the earth lead. The earth lead in the loom was not left long enough to connect to the battery so the owner had attached it to the panel where the battery tray is located. It was a good secure connection but for whatever reason that panel was not actually earthed. Possibly lots of silicone breaking the connection.


So we extended the cable to the battery terminal and hey presto all is well.


Worth a check if anyone is having problems.


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jonny Bs is there and I didn't like it as it seemed weedy and is possibly the cause of his instrument malfunction. As I remember there are two loom connections earth there and its only a rivnut. and on Jonny's isa star head rather than a bolt though if what you say is correct the tightning isn't the problem but the continuity is.



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